Men’s Favorite Sex Toys

The world in which the pleasure industry is framed by sex toys seems to offer endless possibilities, for all tastes and colors. In this sense, the range of sex toys for men has also grown exponentially. Let’s find them.

Tenga Egg

These are single-use masturbators, made of elastomer, an extremely flexible material. There are 6 different models and each of them has a particular texture that provides different stimulation, although they all have common characteristics.

Satisfyer Men Vibration

The male version of this top-selling oral sex simulator. Submersible, it has eleven vibration modes and three intensity levels. The soft silicone and its powerful motors promise a unique experience.

LELO F1’s Developers Kit

Instead of standard vibrations, one of the motors emits powerful sound waves that penetrate deep into the penis, making it feel like it’s pleasingly resonating in all directions at once, rather than just tingling in the penis . Surface of the skin.


These are placed around the penis, they will help maintain orgasm while producing a very satisfying experience for the woman. The drum rings stimulate the clitoris, you can even rotate the vibrating ring under the penis to press against it. The vibrations will make you reach an orgasm much faster, while you ejaculate with your partner. Completely equal ! The ring is located at the base of the penis to provide a comfortable fit, it exerts a slight pressure to obtain a firmer erection for longer, at the same time it stimulates the clitoris thanks to the different vibrations, intensifying the pleasure with a partner.

Tank for masturbating

These sex toys are designed to make male masturbation much more fun, in all its aspects. Some hulls have an opening end which greatly facilitates their use. Although it seems a little more extreme, this sex toy will help you reach a devilish level of pleasure.